In Formation

A friend and I visited the USS Constitution in August. Despite being built around 1800, the Constitution remains a commissioned naval vessel. On the day we visited. a group of noncommissioned officers from around the Navy was finishing up a two-week training on the ship. They learned about hoisting sails, firing cannons, and climbings masts. While these are not skills that they will need on a modern-day cruiser or aircraft carrier, these men and women are keeping the heritage and traditions alive. During our visit, they paraded in for their final ceremony and I managed to capture this image.

17 thoughts on “In Formation

  1. Su Leslie

    I think it’s really important to learn at least a little of what’s involved in “old-school” sailing — or indeed any craft. So much modern work is about monitoring computers. If today’s Navy folks were ship-wrecked, would they be able to save themselves?

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I think you’re right about also knowing the practical nature of these skills. The sailors who attended are sort of middle managers. They train and lead other sailors. I think it’s great they are learning these skills. The ship had a bunch of videos on fb about the training activities.

  2. Sarah

    Great shot! And like Su I think it’s really important to familiarize yourself with this kind of knowledge too when you’re in the Navy. I’m currently reading one of Patrick O’Brian’s novels – seamanship at its best. 😊

  3. Liz Gauffreau

    When my husband was in the Navy, he had an opportunity to tour the Constitution and learn about seamanship in the early days, which he relayed to our family with great delight.

  4. Prior...

    Like the way the flag sits high and the line of the officers –
    And how very cool
    That they keep this tradition alive even if not needed for the modern vessels


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