Brewery Frights

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery for the Northeastern U.S. is only 20 minutes away in Merrimack, NH. We went last night with my sister’s family. We weren’t sure what to expect and were quite pleased. It was a family-oriented attraction with lots of tricks and treats for the kids. They had a special tent for children to paint pumpkins and make other crafts. The haunted house was fun but not the over the top kind that would give someone nightmares. (If you have little ones, the staff will give you a blue glow stick and the performers know not to scare you.) They also had performers from a local circus school with jugglers and acrobats who were excellent at interacting with the kids. And there was a ton of food. Several carnival-style food vendors were there. You could get sausage subs, pizza, caramel apples, and cotton candy. They also had quite a few firepits and sold kits to make s’mores. And of course, you could get your favorite Anheuser-Busch beverage. My sister’s family drove quite a way to get here. We combined it with a late afternoon brewery tour and the dinner at the Biergarten. It was a really fun time.

If you live near Merrimack, check it out next year. I’m not sure if they have something similar at the other breweries nationwide.

25 thoughts on “Brewery Frights

  1. Sarah

    Amazing shots, all of them! Looks like a fun activity for the whole family! 😄 And how considerate to hand out those stickers! It looks really quite scary though, with those skulls. 😉

      1. oishmortal

        Ahhh we don’t even need to get there. Thankfully the photos did not enlarge in my phone… orelse def the nightmares be coming! 🤦‍♀️

        Soe effects… another something I will be looking up the net 🙂

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Sorry. It should have been “some effects”. 🙈. I don’t want you trying to look up things based on my bad typing. The editing software I use has some different effects to change the feel of the photo. The ones I used in this set of images are to make them look rather old fashioned. 😉

      3. oishmortal

        Yes absolutely the typical R.L Stine cover of a book kind… as a kid I loved reading horror. I till date do. I keep asking people about any stories they know. It is so much fun.

        And hahah! I should have known. Nowadays there is a short form for practically everything. And yes you must use great effects to bring out so much life in your photos.

        Do you have an Instagram account? Somewhere I could follow?

      4. milfordstreet Post author


        I remember shelving R.L. Stine books during my stint working in a bookstore but don’t recall reading them when I was young. The books are wildly popular here…or they were when I was a bookseller.

        I use Adobe Lightroom to edit. It costs to use it but is well worth it.

        My Instagram is okeefe_christopher. I only joined a few months ago. If you find me and follow me, I’ll follow you back. That’ll be fun.

        I see another message from you but it’s getting late here. I’m just in from evening classes and need to start winding down to get ready to get some sleep. I’ll send a reply in the AM.

        Have a good night….or day. =)

      5. oishmortal

        And getting more information about you is bliss. Doesn’t surprise me at all that you had been a bookseller. Hence so much knowledge about poems and plays.

        Well paid apps give a great experience. I would totally agree. I did follow you on Instagram. Great to be connecting on different platforms.

        Haha! I am so sorry we are having such parallel conversations, I cannot keep track of it too. Maybe we could mail if that would be feasible for you.

        While you were all set to sleep, to my dismay I was working a night shift. And it also happened to be my birthday. But I celebrated it on a Sunday. 😉

        So yeah I feel older and not a day wiser! 😋

        And hope you had a good class and a great night!

        Until next time!

      6. milfordstreet Post author

        Hi there:

        Happy Birthday 🎊🎈🎂🎁🎉

        Sorry you have to work on it but I’m glad you got to celebrate in the weekend. And we both have October birthdays. Mine was the 7th and yes, I worked also. I totally get feeling older but not necessarily any wiser. 😂

        I followed you on Instagram also. You have some great images. My last comment has my email address! I agree it’s time to switch to a different format for our communications. 👌

        My Monday -Wednesday evening class is interesting. I’m not sure if they are in charge of the class or I am but they are doing great work even if they don’t follow everything I say and occasionally break a few school rules. 😳

        I hope your work day is going well and maybe you get a bit of fun in. It is your birthday after all.

        Take care. 😊

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