Small Town Life: Lull Farms

In nearby Hollis, NH, you’ll find Lull Farms. This is quite the farmstand. You can buy farm-to-table fruits and vegetables. Many varieties of apples and tomatoes are hard to come by in supermarkets. They have seasonal items. Right now they are selling a lot of corn stalks, mums and pumpkins. Oh, and they are selling a lot of cider. If you want apples, you have your choice of buying them in the shop or picking your own. During this time of year, Lull Farms and the neighboring farm stand are destinations for people who live in the city and more suburban areas. The parking lots are full, tour buses arrive, and a lot of apple cider donuts get eaten. I often stop in for fresh produce and the Jamaican jerk chicken they sell on the weekends.

25 thoughts on “Small Town Life: Lull Farms

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        I bet. My experience has been that local ingredients make a bigdifference. I’m sure that whatever he uses here in NH is a kin to back home but not quite.

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