Monthly Archives: October 2019

Brewery Frights

The Anheuser-Busch Brewery for the Northeastern U.S. is only 20 minutes away in Merrimack, NH. We went last night with my sister’s family. We weren’t sure what to expect and were quite pleased. It was a family-oriented attraction with lots of tricks and treats for the kids. They had a special tent for children to paint pumpkins and make other crafts. The haunted house was fun but not the over the top kind that would give someone nightmares. (If you have little ones, the staff will give you a blue glow stick and the performers know not to scare you.) They also had performers from a local circus school with jugglers and acrobats who were excellent at interacting with the kids. And there was a ton of food. Several carnival-style food vendors were there. You could get sausage subs, pizza, caramel apples, and cotton candy. They also had quite a few firepits and sold kits to make s’mores. And of course, you could get your favorite Anheuser-Busch beverage. My sister’s family drove quite a way to get here. We combined it with a late afternoon brewery tour and the dinner at the Biergarten. It was a really fun time.

If you live near Merrimack, check it out next year. I’m not sure if they have something similar at the other breweries nationwide.

Small Town Life: Lull Farms

In nearby Hollis, NH, you’ll find Lull Farms. This is quite the farmstand. You can buy farm-to-table fruits and vegetables. Many varieties of apples and tomatoes are hard to come by in supermarkets. They have seasonal items. Right now they are selling a lot of corn stalks, mums and pumpkins. Oh, and they are selling a lot of cider. If you want apples, you have your choice of buying them in the shop or picking your own. During this time of year, Lull Farms and the neighboring farm stand are destinations for people who live in the city and more suburban areas. The parking lots are full, tour buses arrive, and a lot of apple cider donuts get eaten. I often stop in for fresh produce and the Jamaican jerk chicken they sell on the weekends.

Small Town Life: Pumpkinfest

Just up the road from Milford Street in the town of Milford, NH, they held the annual Pumpkinfest last weekend. They closed off the town center. There was music, and food, and carnival games. There is a family area where both faces and pumpkins are painted, and you can even get all the supplies to make your own scarecrow. The winning pumpkin weighed over a ton. BTW, don’t we all need our own donut machine?!

Small Town Life: Fire Department Open House

Our town has a volunteer fire department. They have two fundraisers each year, a barbeque and a combined open house – duck race. To those unfamiliar with duck races, they use rubber ducks. In our case “firefighter ducks”. People buy tickets which gives them a duck in the race. The owners of the ducks that come in first win prizes. Well, they don’t own the duck; they rent them for the day. It’s good fun and at the open house, children (and adults) can see and touch real fire engines. The funds raised are put towards new equipment for the fire department.

Wings of Freedom Visits New Hampshire

Last week, I posted a photo of a WWII aircraft that visited our local airfield. It was part of a Wings of Freedom collection that visited last week. It was really enjoyable to see these old planes still in flying condition. They were open for tours during the middle part of the day. In the morning and late afternoon, they took up passengers willing to pay for the experience of riding in an antique plane. I visited the airfield three times over the weekend to make some photos of the bombers in the air. On my final visit on Sunday morning, I was finally able to get the images you see here. It was fun both to see the planes as well as to talk to other people who came out to see them. A few people I spoke with had previously gone up for rides and told me of their experiences. If anyone knows what type of plane the Navy fighter is, please add a comment. It is the type whose wings fold up for storage on an aircraft carrier.

Sadly, three days after these images were made, the B-17 crashed in Connecticut killing seven passengers and injuring seven others. My condolences to the families of those who lost loved ones and wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured passengers.