Four Birds

I’d written earlier this summer about making photos with my niece on Cape Cod. We spent another day together in July. This time, we were in Boston. It was raining when we started out and everything was rather wet. The tables and chairs in Copley Square were empty except for these four birds. I quickly swapped cameras with my niece. (I’d lent her the oe with the tele-zoom lens) and snapped this shot. It was our favorite shot of the day.

25 thoughts on “Four Birds

  1. Liz Gauffreau

    I love this! You have the in-crowd in the foreground and then the poor fellow in the background eating lunch by himself as he looks on enviously. (Not to anthropomorphize, or anything.)

  2. Prior...

    I can see why it was your favorite shot of the day! And glad you were quick to grab it.
    The mood is delightful – droplets and the smaller bird left adds this interest with the three to the right with similar size – then their color is in sync with the building and so much to like here

      1. Prior...

        well thanks “you” and I think sometimes photos and paintings just speak to me loudly- because you know we all get stuff from the pictures we see – but sometimes words seem to flow – and this was one of them

  3. Sarah

    Terrific shot! I especially love that you wrote about how it came to be (switching cameras with your niece). It definitely looks like the two of you made the most of a rainy day. πŸ˜„
    Those sparrows are just too cute!


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