Star Island

Star Island is the perfect place to spend a hot summers day. We took the 9:15 ferry from Rye, NH and arrived on the island a half-hour later. I managed to spot a harbor porpoise on the ride out. We walked around a bit, read our books, had lunch at a bench overlooking the sea and even went for a swim. We were sad to leave on the 3:40 ferry back. For those wanting a longer stay, you can attend one of the many conference programs at the Oceanic Hotel (pictured in the background).

9 thoughts on “Star Island

  1. Annie

    Oh, I love this photo angle of the hotel and buildings with folks on the beach. We’re planning a trip out before the summer is over as a granddaughter is a Pelican, one of the young staff on the island.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you so much. Until I arrived on the island, I’d forgotten that they called the staff there “Pelicans”. That is so cool that she is doing that.


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