Hot Air Balloons

I’ve been fortunate to attend a couple of hot air balloon festivals. If you haven’t been to one or seen a hot air balloon set up for a flight, it’s quite a process, as these images demonstrate. Balloons are mobile and often carried in or on the back of a van or truck. The whole thing is unpacked. The burner used to heat the air needs to be attached to the basket. Then a large fan with a gasoline motor blows air into the envelope (the balloon itself). ONece there is enough air in the envelope, the burner is lit and begins to heat the air. The balloon slowly goes from lying on the ground to verticle. Finally, hop in and away you go. Oh yeah, this group had to notify a local airbase so that they did not cause any alarm or conflict with flight plans.

24 thoughts on “Hot Air Balloons

  1. loisajay

    We have one festival every spring that we go to in Alabama. Your photos are wonderful, Chris. I didn’t realize about having to notify the air base. Our is in a field pretty out country, so I wonder if they can just…..go up? I love the photos inside the balloon–it’s huge!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I think if there’s no major air traffic, they can just launch. We don’t want Top Gun mistaking the balloon for bogies. I’m getting ready for the new Top Gun movie.

  2. Prior...

    Oh your somide views are extra fun – esp. tHat second photo – and I have ridden in one twice – but ours were tannish and not the plethora of color you gave us here

  3. Sarah

    Great to see parts of the process! The pic with thean standing inside the balloon is awesome! Did you ever go up youself during those festivals or remained on the ground? After watching ‘Enduring Love’ I gave up on this particular idea. 😂


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