Photography for Kiddos

I mentioned last week that I spent time on Cape Cod with my parents and 10-year-old niece. I asked my niece if she enjoyed photography and if she wanted to learn to use a camera besides her phone. She did, so we brought two cameras with us on our outings. I showed her different aspects of photography as opportunities presented themselves.

At this spot, we worked on composition. We played with the rule of thirds and using leading lines. My shot above uses leading lines and her shot below uses the rule of thirds. When we were on our bikes, I taught her about shutter speed. I had her take photos of me speeding past her while she used various shutter speeds. She could see how the faster shutter speeds made crisp images and slower speeds created a blurred image of me riding by her. When we took photos of some flowers, I taught her how to create a shallow depth of field so the flower is in focus and the background is blurred.

Has she mastered these concepts? Not really. It was an introduction. But as any photographer will tell you, it takes time and repetition to learn to use these aspects of photography. And tons of practice. But it was an introduction that has spurred her interest.

17 thoughts on “Photography for Kiddos

  1. Sarah

    She has the best teacher and will learn so much from you! And it’s wonderful to know that she takes an interest in this art form because that’s what it is. 😊


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