Revere Beach Bandstand

Last summer, I made my first trip to Revere Beach, five miles north of Boston. It seems odd that it took so long for me to go there, but I was born in Dorchester which is to the south. Growing up, we went to beaches in South Boston or along the South Shore and Cape Cod. It found it impressive that the old style pavilion and bandstand remain. I made a mental note to come back here for an early morning photo shoot.

22 thoughts on “Revere Beach Bandstand

  1. Liz Gauffreau

    Lovely photo. My dad grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in Boston. He used to speak of Revere Beach often, so I was glad to see your post, as I’ve never been there.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      A lot of people in Boston like Revere Beach. I was looking online and it used to have an amusement park. You could get there on the subway. It also looks like a safe beach. There’s no huge waves and it’s rather shallow compared to Cape Cod. I’m glad you enjoyed the image. Thank you for the comment. Cheers


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