Country Sunrise

Last week, I mentioned that our town is home to an art institute sited on a former ski hill. Today, I awoke just before dawn, drove to the institute, and hiked to the top of the old ski slope. It was a hazy sunrise. These were two of my favorite images. One shows the sunrise behind a rather odd little cairn. The other shows the sunrise through some scenery. It was a good day today. I made images in two locations this morning and had another photo shoot later in the day. It’s nice to be building my inventory of images again.

28 thoughts on “Country Sunrise

  1. loisajay

    That cairn is so very pretty. I have never seen one ‘in person.’ I should get up and out early on the weekends to try for images like yours. Thanks for the motivation, Chris.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. You could start a cairn in your own community or yard or patio. Sunrise is the magic time. The streets are empty and the light is sweet. Cheers!

  2. Nick Vrtis

    I am happy that you managed to catch that sun. I was out running and the sun was like that. A big orange globe hanging in the middle of a smooth grey sky. I tried to get a picture with my phone, but it ‘autocorrected’. 😦

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. I’m glad you got to se it. That’s the great thing about morning runs. Making an image of the sun like that is difficult. If you focus on the sun the rest of the image is too dark and if you get the light right on the rest of the image, then the sun fades into the background. I actually made these images by taking multiple shots at different exposures and then combining them using computer software. Cheers!


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