This panoramic image was made with my iPhone (shot in panorama mode) and then edited in Lightroom. It shows the Piscataqua River shot from Kittery Maine. The cranes you see are from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where they refurbish and overhaul U.S. Navy submarines. It’s hard to see but there is a submarine in the image but it has scaffolding covering the conning tower and some tarps over part of the superstructure. It’s much easier to see the lobster boat and traps on the left of the image.

20 thoughts on “Piscataqua

      1. kmSalvatore

        Most definitely!!! I became very proficient , lol back in the day when IG was pure art , and my job allowed me to be able to spend time on my “ new camera” lol. I probably use my phone more than my “expensive “gear

      1. Sarah

        Tell me about it! I went to that fair yesterday, when my camera died on me!! It had a fresh charged battery and I really don’t know why. Luckily I had my phone with me and the pics actually aren’t that bad at all – and I don’T even have an iPhone but a samsung. 😉

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