Monthly Archives: April 2019


This panoramic image was made with my iPhone (shot in panorama mode) and then edited in Lightroom. It shows the Piscataqua River shot from Kittery Maine. The cranes you see are from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard where they refurbish and overhaul U.S. Navy submarines. It’s hard to see but there is a submarine in the image but it has scaffolding covering the conning tower and some tarps over part of the superstructure. It’s much easier to see the lobster boat and traps on the left of the image.

2019 Boston Marathon

Last Monday was the Boston Marathon. The weekend before is like a big party in Boston. There are thousands of visitors and the finish line is all set up. People congregate there to take photos. In the past, I’ve gone later in the day and found it crowded and difficult to move or get good pictures. Last Sunday, I arrived there at about 6:30 AM. There were people milling around taking photos but it was much less crowded. I met two nice groups, one from Ohio and another from China. The Ohio group was into big group shots. Team China (as I call them) preferred action shots with lots of running and jumping. I hope everyone had a good race.

Bill Russell Scultpure Installation

I posted these photos three years ago. It is one of my favorite sculpture installations in Boston. I pass by it often and always find myself reflecting on it. This week, I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from its creator, Ann Hirsch. She needed good, high-resolution photos of two parts of the sculpture. I was thrilled she had found and chosen mine to request. I sent them straight away. Also, I did a search on her work and found that she has a new installation in Boston’s North End. I ‘m looking forward to venturing there with my camera.

Oh Deer!

I’ve been hearing some large animals leaving our yard in the predawn hours when I leave for the gym in the dark. The other morning, I slept a bit later and saw a trio of deer nibbling around my wife’s garden. They stayed for a bit until a passing jogger spooked them.