Boston’s Chinese New Year Celebration

This was the first time that I’ve been to a Chinese New Year celebration. It is rich with rituals and traditions. There are drums, costumes, smashed cabbages, fireworks and more. The ritual is repeated at each business. If you miss the festivities at one store or restaurant, don’t worry. It will be repeated at the next one. And it is loud fun.

23 thoughts on “Boston’s Chinese New Year Celebration

  1. Miriam Hurdle

    Thank you for the photos, Milford. Yvette, yellow is gold color and symbolizes real gold. The last Chinese New Year clelbration I went was 10 years ago when I went to Hong Kong during Chinese New Year. My daughter and her family went to one this year in Portland, Oregon. The photos look very good. In Los Angeles, the new Chinatown, Monterey Park had many streets blocked off to hold Flower Market. It’s 20 miles from where I live, so I didn’t go.

  2. Sarah

    Wonderful photos, Chris! That lion looks quite fierce, doesn’t it? Would love to go to such a festival, it’s all so colourful and I can imagine the food’s prime too. 😉 Happy New Year of the Pig!

  3. sloppy buddhist

    Always a wonderfully colourful event too cold here…seems I missed February but did different indoor things so yearning green and warmth ☺️💫 have a wonderful Wednesday Chris


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