Monthly Archives: February 2019

Snowmobile Drag Races

Last week, Lake Potanipo in our little town hosted an ice fishing derby and today it was the North Stream Nationals Drag Racing competition. It’s just like car drag racing but done on ice with snowmobiles. As you can see these “sleds” are fast and there was every imaginable type of vehicle out there. There was a good-sized crowd to enjoy the fun.

Ice Dam

An ice dam along a river is caused by large changes in temperature in winter. When the temperature gets very cold for several days, ice builds up on the sides of the river. When temperatures rise, rather than melting, the ice breaks off and flows downstream. At some point, it may clog the river as in these photos. Two of the images show an ice dam in a river in Goffstown and New Boston, NH. The last image shows the river as it normally looks. This ice dam is about a mile long. It causes water to back up and may cause flooding in some nearby homes. It will clear when the spring temperatures and rain melt the ice enough that it breaks up.

Tyson Jackson Trio

Don’t let the warm light and short sleeves fool you, it’s still winter here. These images were made last August at Boston Public Library’s summer concert series.


These neon signs appeared in a greenway in Boston last summer. They are from mostly defunct businesses and are the property of a collector who has loaned (?) them to the city. I think Stateline Potato Chips is still in business. I think I remember The Flying Yankee Restaurant. My father and uncle used to go for pizza at the European.