Durgin Park

Durgin Park closed last night. It opened in 1827. The sign over their doors reads “Established before you were born”. It served traditional New England fare in Quincy Market. You could get lobster, prime rib, and pot roast as well as Indian Pudding (molasses and cornmeal) for dessert. After 192 years, it fell due to rising labor costs and losing business to the number of other options that diners have in the city. My wife and I have been there several times, usually for lunch. It always had a nostalgic feel to it. There are two potential buyers, but I don’t know if they will come through.

17 thoughts on “Durgin Park

  1. Sarah

    It´s so sad when something like this happens…Capitalism at its best, or rather worst, eh? 😦 Hope another buyer will come through! There have been quite a lot of those closures of family owned restaurants here too in the last ten years or so. I have fond memories of a Chinese one my whole family loved going to for reunions and such. It closed 15 years ago, now there´s a “One Euro” shop and another discounter in its place, as if we hadn’t enough of those already…

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      There are some things the world doesn’t need and that’s another Dollar/One Euro shop. It is sad to see places like this pass on. I was just searching to see if there is a sale of any sort of the things inside the restaurant. I’d love to get some old beanpots or a sign to remember it by.

  2. unblogvanille

    That just really blows. I think about this and reflect on the fact that where I come from its highly unlikely for anything like this to happen. For some reason the most decrepit little restaurants and tiniest hole in the wall fast food joints all have been open till date, thriving or not. Im really grateful about that now that I read your post, I suppose sometimes its nicer if your city doesnt change a lot.


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