The culinary artists at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel created a likeness of their hotel in gingerbread. I would have made more images but the lighting on the sculpture was really off. It’s quite the work of art.

14 thoughts on “Gingerbread

  1. Su Leslie

    Seriously cool undertaking!!! I wouldn’t even try the basic gingerbread house version for fear my local council would just slap a “condemned” sticker on it ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Su Leslie

        That is seriously impressive!
        I used to make elaborate cakes for my son’s birthdays, but never anything particularly structural, and they were always made more with love than skill. I was really quite relieved when he decided that the local Cheesecake Shop’s Caramel Mud Cake was what he really wanted as a birthday cake.

  2. Nancy

    Amazing! I made one a few years back. And it turned out a mess! Lol!
    So when I see some that come out so nicely like this… I applaud them!

  3. Sarah

    Wow! I’ve made a tiny gingerbread house when I was little but this is no comparison, this is more art than candy!! I wonder if eat will get eaten by someone? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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