18 thoughts on “Blue Bikes

      1. Garfield Hug

        I see. It is stacked most orderly like. Unlike ours now the government is trying to penalise bike renters from throwing or leaving their bikes strewn everywhere.

      1. Sohair

        Yes..she was sitting on high place at home and then she fell down and felt a great pain..then at hospital we discovered that her arm was broken..
        The doctors put a white hard thing on her arm ..I do not know its medical name in English..and the say that it should be removed by them on 23rd December..then we should make another x rays to check the broken arm..
        I hope that she will recover soon..her mid term exams are next week…this is her right arm which she uses in writting..
        Thank God for everything..
        Thanks a lot Chris for asking..
        Have a great evening my dear friend !!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I know what you mean. We rented them in London but just used them in parks. We didn’t want to try the whole “left side of the road” thing on bikes in a busy city.

      1. Sarah

        We’ve had many different sponsors for programs like these over the years and the bikes are generally well accepted. Mostly by visitors and tourists though. Last time I was in London they did the same. It’s a wonderful development I think. 😊

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