India Wharf

Boston has retained the old names of many of the wharves along the waterfront. This is India Wharf, so named because trade with the Indies was a big part of commerce in the 16th and 17th centuries. There is also Long Wharf which reputedly extended a mile out into the harbor in the old days. Now, Long Wharf is a marina for tour boats and pleasure craft of all sorts and India Wharf is hemmed in on the right by the New England Aquarium. The morning that I made these images, I reached the wharf as the sun was just hitting it. I really like how the dolphin statue shines in the sunlight.

18 thoughts on “India Wharf

  1. Sarah

    Beautiful! I can see how these would be perfect for your exhibition! The light is so golden and everything looks just so peaceful early in the day, I guess it’s much more busy later on. Cheers!


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