Newburyport Lantern Festival

This was the eighth year that Newburyport has had a lantern festival in observance of National Ovarian Cancer Month. People purchase a lantern for a small fee and decorate it as they see fit. Most were decorated in memory of someone who passed away due to ovarian cancer. At dusk, they are lit and set adrift in a small pond in the town center.

21 thoughts on “Newburyport Lantern Festival

  1. Sohair

    The images of the festival are so pretty Chris..
    I imagine that If I attended a festival like that I would be so sad for the people who died because of cancer..
    I wonder why they call it a festival?
    Thanks for sharing Chris..

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you Sohair. You raise a good point about using the word ‘festival’. I think that word may come from the culture from which this tradition came. I think it’s Japanese culture but am not certain.

  2. sloppy buddhist

    a celebration of life…normalizing life beginning to end…the lanterns are wonderful symbols for “crossing the river”…and now 8 years…Chris do you know who creates the lanterns? 🤓☺️ smiles hedy


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