Copley Square in HDR

The image above is the Boston Public Library’s McKim Building. The one below is Trinity Church designed by noted architect H.H. Richardson. They stand opposite each other in Boston’s Copley Square. I shot these at sunrise. Sunrise presents some challenges. Some parts of the photo can be too light and others can be too dark. HDR was the solution I used here. HDR stands for high-dynamic-range. To do this, I take photos of the same composition (with the camera mounted on a tripod) and use different camera settings to make 3-4 images with varying degrees of light and dark. The magic of the computer combines the different versions of the same images to produce the images you see here. Well, pretty much. I still made some changes to get them the way I liked. I used Lightroom to combine the images.

20 thoughts on “Copley Square in HDR

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. I also love older architecture. I was born too late. Some days, I wish I had begun photography years ago before things changed in the city. Yes, the early bird get the sweetest light. Cheers!

  1. Sarah

    I really love that library! And thanks so much for explaining the magic off camera.😉 HDR sounds like a great way to get the perfect shot when conditions are a tad difficult. Also love the second shot, I have also a weakness for the contrast made by old buildings standing side by side with modern ones. A perfect place to watch this is the City of London. 😊 Cheers!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Yes, London and Boston do a great job of combining the old and new. I should play with more angles there. I like the library shot but it just wasn’t what I wanted for my portfolio.


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