Monthly Archives: July 2018

Kelly’s Roast Beef

Kelly’s Roast Beef is one of those venerable institutions in Boston. This is the original one at Revere Beach. It’s been open since 1951. In addition to roast beef, they have good seafood. It’s all window service with tables outside. Despite it being a well-known Boston, last week was the first time I ate there. I was from a different part of Boston and Revere Beach was on the other side of the city. I had the original roast beef sandwich and it was really, really good. I told the smiling lady at the front of the image that if I got rich off of this, she gets half.

Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival

When I posted images of the sand sculptures at Hampton Beach last month, my friend Sandhya at told me that Revere Beach had a really great festival. Last weekend, my wife and I parked the car in Boston and took the train to Revere Beach. It was packed and the sculptures were amazing. Food vendors lined Revere Beach Parkway feeding the hungry crowd. This was much more of an international event with sculptors from several countries.

Upcycled Bench

My friend and neighbor approached me last spring offering some mahogany boards that had once been the surface of a deck on someone’s home. He had acquired the boards when the person tore down the deck and the boards were going to go to waste. I’d been thinking of building a bench for outside the back of our house for about a year. I typically try to re-use wood from pallets and such, but a mahogany bench sounded even better. Recycling the wood gives it another life and saves a lot of money. I’m not sure I could afford to use new mahogany. Yes, it has marks and darker areas, but they add character. The wood took a fair amount of sanding to clean it up. When it was done, I applied teak oil to preserve it outside. (It will go inside the barn in the winter.) We finally put it outside yesterday. The light in the barn is rather flat and I had no idea how rich and beautiful the wood really looked until I had the bench out in position.

Bug Light

The formal name for this lighthouse is the Portland Breakwater Light, but most people know it as “Bug Light” for reasons that remain a mystery to me. Its design is Greek inspired with Corinthian columns. We happened to come upon this lighthouse as a schooner passed in the background. Good timing.