City Flower – Country Flower

These two flowers are from two separate shoots. The rose is from a small park in Boston’s North End. The wildflower image was made along the side of the road north of the White Mountains. They are so different and yet beautiful in their own way.

20 thoughts on “City Flower – Country Flower

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. When I was looking at material to present today, I looked at each one separately and then decided that they felt more interesting as a pair. Cheers

      1. prior..

        yes – good pairing for sure – and did add interest.

        and funny, but just yesterday I shared a little analogy about the country dog and city dog.
        It is not the best, but comes up at times when reminding parents to offer structure without being too harsh.
        because a convo came up about how some “PKs” called pastor kids – go to college and act like a city dog where they go wild and act stupid – (and the city dog is sometimes referred to as the one who bolts out through a crack in the door whereas the country dog has freedom and strolls the yard with confidence) – and so seeing your post reminded me of that too

      2. prior..

        yes – well said – and the analogy is not perfect (because city dogs can be quite amazing – eh?) but it is good for chatting

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