Mt Major

Memorial Day weekend, my friend James (pictured below0 and I climed Mt. Major in the Lakes Region. It’s a popular hike, though the trails were not crowded. It give a great view of Lake Winnipesaukee‎. Someone who came before us made this small cairn of stones.

13 thoughts on “Mt Major

  1. Sarah

    What a lovely cairn! I love it when they appear out of nowhere. Hope the hiking is now more pleasant with higher temperatures and no snow!

  2. Annie

    Love the cairn! When I was there a couple of summers ago, Mt. Major was jammed with hikers. The view from the top was worth the crowds. 😊

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Isn’t the cairn great?! It’s supposedly one of the more popular hikes in the state. There were a lot of people the day we went but it wasn’t jammed. Cheers


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