Monthly Archives: June 2018

Arethusa Falls

The same day that I went to photograph the Lupine Festival, I also drove into Crawford Notch in the White Mountains and hiked in to Arethusa Falls. This 140-foot waterfall is about an hour’s climb on a good trail. To make it challenging, I brought my Canon and tripod so that I could slow the shutter speed a bit. I also used a neutral density filter to further aid in slowing the shutter speed and making the sky so blue. The weight of the camera bag made the hike a bit more challenging but I also needed to work off the pancake breakfast I’d eaten after photographing the Lupine. It was a fair trade-off.

Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture Contest

For well over a decade, Hampton Beach in New Hampshire has hosted a sand sculpture contest. This year’s contest included ten artists and 200 tons of sand trucked in for the event. While we watched, the artists finished their labors of love and hoped to win a prize of up to $3,000. They completed these works in under 23 hours time on the beach, though many had sketchbooks lying about that showed designs they made back home. Their vision and skill are just amazing. Most of them work in other mediums (e.g. ice, snow) as well as sand. After today, the sculptures will be sprayed with a glue type of substance and remain up for a few weeks.

Sugar Hill Lupine Festival

The town of Sugar Hill lies just beyond the White Mountains. In June, the fields are full of Lupine and the community hosts a Lupine Festival. One highlight is a path mowed into a field with signs bearing quotes and poetry posted throughout. I was gone before the crowds arrived, but enjoyed the sights.

Arthur Fiedler Statue

I posted an image of this statue some time ago but was recently able to shot it with some amazing light on it. It is constructed in slightly offset layers that gives the subject some texture. Arthur Fiedler conducted the Boston Pops orchestra for fifty years.