Urban Oasis

In the heart of Cambridge, near MIT and Kendall Square is an urban oasis that not everyone knows about. You see, it is situated atop of a parking garage. I heard about this through a Boston area website and went down to check it out. It is open to the public and has benches and tables at which to sit. There are a few solar powered recharging stations and a used-book recycling center. They even have a small garden of raised beds. It’s a nice option for local workers who want a bit of space.

15 thoughts on “Urban Oasis

  1. sloppy buddhist

    and your photographs sparkle here…light and bright and I also love roof top patios 🙂 have a good week…do you teach at Northwestern? smiles hedy 🙂

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Hedy. No, I don’t teach at Northeastern (I saw your other comment.) I teach in community based English as a Second Language programs. But it is nice to see rooftops used to create such a beautiful space. Cheers!


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