Boston #Stands With Immigrants

Friday night, my wife and I drove into Boston and walked over to the Boston Public Gardens to see a public art project called Boston #Stands With Immigrants. They have captured images of immigrants to the Boston community who have made an impact in recent years. The project was the brainchild of photographer Eric Jacobs, who along with his partners Chris Antonowich and Jodi Wilinsky Hill, took the portraits you see here and staged a number of events in the past year showing the images in and on iconic Boston landmarks.

To quote the project’s brochure “We believe the portraits are a beautiful and dignified response to an intensifying climate of fear and exclusion – one that will encourage conversation, reassure the world of our humanity, raise public consciousness, and help move the needle at a policy level.”

More information and other images can be found here:

It was a bit tricky for Eric to set this up the other night. The idea of showing the images on trees was likely conceived before we knew we would have a late spring. It was likely a challenge for the team to find appropriate trees. As for making the images, we had a windy evening. I used a long shutter speed so that the branches would move behind the images and provide as much of a backdrop as possible.

17 thoughts on “Boston #Stands With Immigrants

  1. Sarah

    Wow!!! These shots are spectacular, Chris! Extremely well done and good choice of the slow shutter speed! This project sounds absolutely great and I’m convinced it will change people’s perception on the immigration issue. When people see that immigrants are also only people like you and me, it’s much harder to condemn them.

  2. sloppy buddhist

    powerful Chris…the power of art and beauty of nature…sad what humans continue to do to each other…I do imagine a different world…you captured the images in a haunting way…beautiful and mattering…have a wonderful teaching week ~ smiles hedy ☺️


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