Patriots Day

Today is Patriots Day in Boston, which means the running of the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, they are running in a cold rain. But Saturday was fun. As you can see the city was getting ready for the race and people were coming down to check out the finish line. Solas pub had this sign out offering the runners a last chance for a pint before crossing the finish line. I think an Irish coffee would be a better choice today.

6 thoughts on “Patriots Day

  1. Sohair

    Happy Patriots Day Chris…the images are great…
    Thanks for sharing those fresh events of Boston with us.
    It is hot and sunny in my country.
    Enjoy your coffee …cheers 🙂

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Oh gosh, we watched them in the rain. The woman who won is an American and said that this is the type of weather when she is most likely to do better than other runners. She was amazing.

  2. suzannesmom

    We managed to get to the place in Newton where our son-in-law would pass through and didn’t have to wait long. Nevertheless, we were drenched. His time was under 3 hours. People were still staggering over the finish line at midnight.


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