March for Our Lives – Boston

In many cities here in the U.S. and around the globe, there were marches and rallies spurred by the school shooting in Florida a month ago. These images show the march in Boston. It was a large crowd. We’ve already heard an estimate of 100,000 people. I’m not sure what the solution to this problem is. I doubt it will be found by relegating the responsibility to one factor or group. But we do need to move beyond thoughts and prayers in the aftermath of mass shootings and come together on solutions.

29 thoughts on “March for Our Lives – Boston

  1. loisajay

    We had about 500 people downtown, which is a large crowd considering the group could not get a permit because one had already been give to the group sponsoring Cyclovia, which was downtown in the same area as the march. I hope the right people take note of these demonstrations and do something. There is way too much unrest over gun control, which really scares the heck out of me.

  2. suzannesmom

    It was a great rally in Boston today. I liked a sign that said, “I named my cats Thoughts and Prayers. Because they’re useless.” It gives me hope that this is led by kids. Kids often succeed because they don’t know what’s impossible.

  3. imagesbytdashfield

    I’m so glad you were there to witness this. What hurts me so is that these marches exist period. There has to be a way to stop these senseless killings. I know it won’t happen overnight or even over weeks but it has to start!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I have a friend from a country where only military have guns. He wishes people had the freedom to have firearms to hunt and for practical purposes. I dream that there is a happy medium. Thanks, Garfield.

  4. Ann Coleman

    I’m glad the protests are calling attention to the problem, and agree that we need to have more gun control. I also think that increased gun control isn’t going to solve the problem all by itself, since obviously those who wish to get a gun will always find ways to do so, and guns aren’t the only way to commit mass murder. We need to also address why anyone would want to do this, and that’s much harder than passing new legislation. I see gun control as the first, but by no means the final, step towards a solution. Unfortunately, we tend to like, and believe in, easy answers to complex problems.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I agree that it is not just about gun control. And guns are not inherently evil. There need to be changes at a number of levels. Let’s hope, pray and advocate for change. Thank you for your thoughts. Cheers!


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