The View from Mt Willard

This shows Crawford Notch, one of the passes through the White Mountains. Below, you can see the road through the pass and to its right are the train tracks. All the wind near the road was due to the wind following the path of least resistance. It’s easier to through the notch than to go over the mountains. You get the same effect in cities with many skyscrapers channeling the wind along the streets.

This was our reward for driving over two hours to get here, walking to the trail-head in snow and wind and then climbing to the top. The weather at the summit was beautiful. There was no wind to speak of and some people were having a picnic.

20 thoughts on “The View from Mt Willard

  1. Dymoon

    great capture. in a dream state, this is the kind of land I “fly” across. Like a jolly giant, I can step through the valleys and over the hills, in strides.. I’ll look forward to the coloured capture as well.


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