A Foggy Hike

It’s been difficult to find time and subjects for quality images. We had a warm day last Sunday and I went hiking on Mt. Wachusett in Central Massachusetts. The mix of warm air and snow created a thick fog. It was strange going by the wind farm. I knew the huge turbines were there and could hear them but did not see the one in the image until I was right on it.

I will be away tomorrow, hopefully making some photos. The annual ice fishing contest is scheduled but it may be canceled due to the warm weather. If all of the little shacks are pulled in, then a friend and I plan to head up to the White Mountains for a hike with a scenic overlook…if there’s no fog, that is.

22 thoughts on “A Foggy Hike

  1. Osyth

    Those pictures bring back very happy memories of hikes on Wachuset. I seem to recall the first time was foggy …. wonderful images as ever, Chris!

  2. Dymoon

    similar fog to what I drove through yesterday, I would have liked to stop the truck to get a few pictures, it was beautiful in its own way, but dangerous to stop on the roads during such times, so I was pleased when I saw your pictures this morning. =^_^=

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