Historic South Station

I wanted to show South Station during its heyday. The exterior image is from 1902 when the streets were cobblestone and there was an elevated track outside the station. The facade extends further along each street. There is also an image of the huge train shed into which the trains pulled for passengers to board and disembark. Finally, I could only find one image of the interior of the station, the ticket windows. It was similar to this still when I used to take the commuter rail into South Station in the 1980s.

14 thoughts on “Historic South Station

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It was impressive. They took down a large section of it to build a central processing facility for the post office at some point. I think only Elon Musk has the flying car.

  1. sheketechad

    I am always struck by how well dressed folks appear in older photos – even some lounging around in front of vagrant housing were ‘dressed’ in a manner we no longer see (shirt, vest, long pants, cap).
    That elevated track photo is a spectacular capture of architectural history.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I agree. We watched an old movie last weekend (Roman Holiday) and I was left feeling like I was born too late. I love the classier times.
      I so wish I’d taken photos thirty years ago. So much has changed in the city and I wish I’d captured it. Cheers!


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