Ice Harvest – You’re Not Just a Spectator

As I said yesterday, a machine is used cut about a foot into the ice and then the rest of the cutting is done with hand saws; big hand saws. Once the “professionals” have everything set up, they let the spectators have at it. We all took turns using saws as long as I am tall to cut the last five or six inches along the bottom of the block. I freed three blocks of ice and have to say it was a workout. The saw only cuts on the down-stroke, which is good because it’s heavy and takes a lot of muscle just to get it back into position. It’s great exercise for the thighs.

19 thoughts on “Ice Harvest – You’re Not Just a Spectator

  1. Dymoon

    we saw such saws in the antique shops, seldom ever see them now.. I remember seeing one being sharpened, had no idea what it was tho’ now I know.. Thanks

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  3. Nancy

    AMAZING! When I was in Washington Island this past summer I saw those saws and tong like picks. They were stored in an ice house. They collected ice from Lake Michigan to keep the fish cold!

    It looks like fun but what a workout!

  4. Sohair

    Great images indeed and very important to share espicially with people who live in countries that have no snow ..
    Cheers !!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      It was awesome fun, Hedy. It really is a community event with some visitors like us. There is another one coming up but it’s way up in the mountains. Cheers !!!


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