Transformation: City Jail to Luxury Hotel

The Charles Street Jail in Boston closed in 1990. For almost 140 years it had housed those arrested in Boston, including such notables as Malcolm X, former Boston Mayor James Michael Curley, and Sacco and Vanzetti. After the jail closed due to overcrowding, it was renovated and is now a 300 room luxury hotel with a tavern called “The Clink” and a ground level bar called Alibi. As you can see, the hotel has kept many of the former jail’s architectural features.

39 thoughts on “Transformation: City Jail to Luxury Hotel

  1. Dymoon

    what a great idea, we have such a building in our downtown core, I know they are working from it now, but don’t know what the organization is.. hmmm future project.. have a good one dear.

  2. Miss Gentileschi

    Wow! Though I’m not sure I would feel very comfy in this hotel 😉 Just read about Sacco and Vanzetti in Bill Bryson’s book! And thanks to you wonderful pictures i
    I’m reminded yet again of The Shawshank Redemption! 😂 Cheers and have a lovely Sunday, Chris!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      The difference between this and Shawshank is you don’t have to tunnel out. I only vaguely familiar with Sacco and Vanzetti. I’d like to learn more. I hope you had a good weekend. Cheers

  3. The Coastal Crone

    Great use of an out-dated building – very impressive! Corpus Christi has a county courthouse that has been vacant for over 40 years. The latest idea is for a hotel. Perhaps we can do what Boston did. I like keeping much of the architectural features.

  4. Osyth

    I’m a big fan of this and will find a way to check it out when I’m back in MA. In Oxford they did a similar thing and the hotel is fabulous ….

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