Faneuil Hall

I’m always looking for new vantage points from which to shoot well-known areas. Across the street from Faneuil Hall is City Hall with a little overlook. I noticed the ledge around the overlook was about four feet high and almost 18 inches wide. “I can do that”, I thought. I carefully maneuvered my gear and self atop the ledge to make this image ever mindful of the thirty-foot drop on the other side. It made for a unique perspective of an old friend.

27 thoughts on “Faneuil Hall

  1. Osyth

    Far be it from me to recommend you risk injury but I am SO glad you took that shot …. it is a wonderful new perspective on a familiar and beautiful building 🙂

  2. mickey2travel

    Beautiful shot, Sir! I enjoy the history of Faneuil Hall, and all the small shops that are in it. I thought I read, recently, that they are going to closing it (or part of it) down for repairs, soon? Thank you for sharing!

  3. prior..

    oh nice – dear sniper/photo man! ha
    how fun to see from this ledge (sniper perch I mean)
    and in the photo – the first thing that my eye noticed was how the people (lower left) had that syncing with the posts (lower right) and then the windows and various lights –
    such a stately place from any angle

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you, Alex. I’m thinking I want to print a map of parking garages in downtown. They are accessible and would give me a different vantage point. Something new to try with no dangerous climbing. Cheers!


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