And So This Is Christmas….

Christmas morning brought a snowstorm to Milford Street. Erring on the side of caution, we opted to postpone our celebration with family until the following day. My wife and I exchanged gifts and then cleared snow from the walks and driveway. I was able to get out on the trail with my snowshoes. That night, we had our neighbors over for an impromptu Christmas supper. ONe of the best Christmases ever!

35 thoughts on “And So This Is Christmas….

  1. Osyth

    I worked with a Japanese fellow once upon a time who used to say ‘trouble with Blitish is tooooo much pranning’ – this could apply to us all whether British or not – sometimes the impromtu is such a delight and I am glad this was for you both. The photo is stunning ….

      1. niasunset

        WOW! Really so cold, where are you dear Christ, I confused now, sorry for asking this. Thank you for your beautiful blogging world that you shared with us, Happy New Year, Love, nia

  2. The Coastal Crone

    So beautiful and you captured it well! Sometimes the best Christmases are the ones you don’t plan. When it snowed here thirteen years ago on Christmas Day we had planned to go out to eat, but instead we chilled champagne in the snow and had grilled chicken and baked potatoes by ourselves. Glad you had a good time and stayed safe! All the best to you in 2018!

  3. Alexandra

    looks very cold, but I’m happy you managed to turn it around and have a cozy and warm evening with your neighbours πŸ™‚


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