27 thoughts on “Christmas on the Oval

  1. Garfield Hug

    This is so surreal – like out of Hallmark feel good Christmas movies that I am watching out of YouTube. So that is that it is called, an “oval” – I used to think it was a gazebo. Thanks for the share and I can almost hear the carolers singing there 😀

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      The structure is called a gazebo. The center of town is called an oval. Which is odd because most places have a town square. Perhaps a group of geometry majors founded the town. Cheers!

  2. Annie

    So New England! Ours looks very much like yours with festive holiday decorations… except ours is located in the middle of a busy street! I’m sure he wasn’t so busy in 1916 when they decided on this location.

  3. Sohair

    So pretty the lights r fantastic indeed !!
    May I ask a question..Where is milford street exactly…is it in Boston..or in the countryside of Boston…i am afraid it is not a smart question!

  4. Ann Coleman

    So pretty! We have a gazebo similar to that one near our house, and it also looks great decorated for Christmas. Something we need on these long, cold December nights!


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