Boston still has a street market every Friday and Saturday. It’s called Haymarket. For those who can visit, there are great deals to be had. It is a true farmers market focusing more on produce than on made items. I love walking through it.

24 thoughts on “Haymarket

  1. Garfield Hug

    I love these types of market that can only be found in USA, Australia or New Zealand…where farmers can bring their produce or crafts to sell. In Perth they have a farmers market and I love browsing but always end up with seasonal fruits or stuff!😀

  2. prior..

    I like walking through it via your post (those small tomatoes look soooo good)
    and the two photos from the reader had a nice contrast – a lot of yellow in the top photo and the nice blue and orange in the second one…

  3. Ann Coleman

    We stayed in Boston a few years ago, and there was a market just like this outside our hotel. Sadly, I can’t remember the name of it, so I don’t know if this is the same market or not. But it was close to Paul Revere’s house and Boston’s version of little Italy. Also near the “Freedom Trail” I think it was called.

      1. Ann Coleman

        Yes, then I think that’s it! That might even be our hotel in the background, because I could look our our window and see part of the market below. It was great!

  4. sloppy buddhist

    and supporting local is a mattering connection…we also have a 1 day market through the winter…and others in summer months…i also enjoy these moments…have a productive week Chris…smiles hedy 😀


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