2018 Calendars

Each year, I have calendars printed from images I made in the current year. They are gifts for family and friends. Some people who follow me on WP had expressed interest in obtaining a calendar and last year a few people ordered them. I sell them at cost. It has been a process this year. I am switching printers to VistaPrint. Snapfish had a great product but some odd practices when it came to the fees for shipping. VistaPrint has a similar quality product.

If you would like a calendar, please let me know. I plan to place an order early next week. The cut off for VistaPrint’s current discount is November 15th. The cost will be $10 USD plus the cost the US Postal Service charges me to mail it to you. Please, let me know if you would like one. If you see this a bit later and are still interested, please let me know. I can likely get you one but the price may change depending on the deal that VistaPrint is offering.

The images in this post are the images on the calendar.

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