Monthly Archives: November 2017

Run Run Rudolph

Last summer, my friend Sarah challenged me to make a reindeer from logs. I was not sure I could do it. More recently, my father suggested the same. I’ve had some success working with my hands this year and decided to see if I could make one. I made this from some timber that fell a while back, as opposed to fresh timber. It was what I had and made sense for a first try. I doubt it will last beyond this season, but now I know how to make them for the next time we have freshly cut trees.

Harvard School of Business

The campus of Harvard University is absolutely sprawling across a large section of Cambridge. The Harvard School of Business actually spills out of Cambridge, across the river, and into Boston. A friend and I wandered around here this past summer. Enjoy.

The Harvard Coop

The Harvard Coop (pronounced like a chicken coop, not “co-op”) is the bookstore for Harvard University and something of an institution in its own right. A friend and I visited this past summer and made some images. The last image is of Harvard Square from a second-floor window.

Veterans Day

It is Veterans Day here in the US. Many nations remember Veterans, those who died for their country, or the end of WWI on this day. These images are from the Netherlands American Cemetery in The Netherlands near the intersection with Belgium and Germany. More than 8,000 US soldiers who died in WWII are buried here. My father and I were traveling in Europe almost a decade ago and he asked to stop here. His father’s best friend, Jerry Palmento, had been killed in a nearby battle and was buried here.

When we entered the cemetery, we had difficulty figuring out the layout. I had a print-out from the website that gave information about Jerry and the location of his grave but we could not pinpoint the location on the grounds. While my father waited under a tree, I went into the visitor center and approached the information desk. The man asked in a Dutch accent if he could help me. I showed him the paper. He took a moment to read the whole document, not just the location. “This man, he died near here.”, he said. “From the date, I can tell that he was killed in the fighting that liberated this area.” I took a moment to let this sink in. I explained that my grandfather had also fought in this area but was attached to a different division at the time. “He also freed the people of this town.”, he said. “The people in the town here have named streets after these divisions.” “They are forever thankful.”

He told me how to find that grave and I made my way back to my father. Knowing how the cemetery was laid out, we quickly found Jerry’s grave marker. We were a bit surprised to find flowers on it. They had faded, but could not have been there more than a week. Who would have put these here so far from home? We took the images you see here and my father laid some fresh flowers he’d bought that morning on the grave. We walked back to the visitor center and found the man I’d spoken to earlier. We told him that we were surprised to find the flowers and wondered who could have left them. “Oh”, he began, “The people of the town have adopted all of the graves.” “After the war, there was such gratitude that the people decided that each grave must be cared for.” He went on to explain that we had just past the date of the end of the war in Europe and so many people had come to leave flowers or otherwise pay their respects. We walked away both stunned and yet proud that people still recalled what my grandfather’s generation had done more than fifty years prior.

2018 Calendars

Each year, I have calendars printed from images I made in the current year. They are gifts for family and friends. Some people who follow me on WP had expressed interest in obtaining a calendar and last year a few people ordered them. I sell them at cost. It has been a process this year. I am switching printers to VistaPrint. Snapfish had a great product but some odd practices when it came to the fees for shipping. VistaPrint has a similar quality product.

If you would like a calendar, please let me know. I plan to place an order early next week. The cut off for VistaPrint’s current discount is November 15th. The cost will be $10 USD plus the cost the US Postal Service charges me to mail it to you. Please, let me know if you would like one. If you see this a bit later and are still interested, please let me know. I can likely get you one but the price may change depending on the deal that VistaPrint is offering.

The images in this post are the images on the calendar.