Inside Fort Warren

Yesterday, I wrote about taking the ferry out to George’s Island and visiting Fort Warren. We were able to enter certain parts of the fort that were deemed safe. These included rooms where cannons had been kept, the bakery, and the quarters for prisoners who were Confederate officers or political in nature. During the Civil War, the fort served as a prison for people who tried to evade the draft in the north and for Confederate soldiers from the south. For a period of time, the Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens, was held here. This is a collection of rooms. I chose them more for their aesthetic rather than historic value. There are two images of the powder magazine because I could not decide if I liked color or BW better.

23 thoughts on “Inside Fort Warren

  1. Tiff

    This is very cool! I once went to something like this but in the UK. It’s amazing being able to go inside and actually see the internal structures for yourself (and above all get to photograph it). I love all the photos that you took. Glad you had a nice day 🙂

  2. GP Cox

    When I visit places like that, I have to stand there and imagine those people also standing there – so many years ago!! It make history come alive for me.

  3. Robin

    Wow, for the ascetic value. Your photos really do capture the eye and draws us to look into the spaces. I love your composition! – I’m drawn to the color photo.


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