Street Art: The Feast

This bit of street art graces the wall of a supermarket in Cambridge’s Central Square.

28 thoughts on “Street Art: The Feast

  1. Garfield Hug

    I love the colors!! Vibrant and brings the images to life….street art is really allowing artists to be creative and yet bring colors to a community. Thanks for the share😚

  2. mdhoffmannphoto

    Fantastic collection of wall art – such detail and warm friendly faces. Who does this beautiful stuff? Be a good photot challenge to get a shot of the artist(s) posing in front of one of his/her wall murals.

  3. gumersindo

    I looking forward to recital your blog Emily Price Post about it! com/2017/09/07/street-art-the-feast/” rel=”nofollow”>pave Way for the spray and commented:
    The colours ❀


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