39 thoughts on “Half-Dome (not Yosemite)

      1. mopana

        Wow! That much? It’s the entire summer. So… no vacation for you 😦
        Sorry, my friend.
        Take care!
        Mo-hugs ❀

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        If I am fortunate, my wife and I may get away for a few days between the end of classes and when a job starts. So I am job hunting too. πŸ˜‹

      3. mopana

        Hahaha! Everybody hunting :))
        I wish you to be fortunate and to have some days off. You deserve it.
        For me, things have gone mad in the last days. I found out that next week I’ll go with my boyfriend at the Black Sea beach, then… after 2 days I’ll go in Greece at the beach for 7 days with him and his parents. He just became a student at Kinetotherapy.
        Then, I’ll celebrate my mother’s birthday and the birthday of my best friend and then I’ll go to the mountains with my dad. A crazy month, right? :))
        Mo-hugs ❀

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