40 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: The Meeting House

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thanks. The artist’s statement says it is made of Eastern white cedar, birch plywood, galvanized metal, acrylic resin liquid coating, UV resistant Plexiglass acrylic, cast concrete, steel

  1. suzannesmom

    How I miss the Greenway since I retired! I adored seeing art like this. I hope the state and city find a way to let it continue. Right now it looks like abutting businesses will kick in partial funds. But they will also have some say over the art. Ba-ad idea! Follow @fortpointer on Twitter for updates.

  2. Ann Coleman

    About a mile away from where I live, there’s a house that has a “crooked” room attached to it. Inside, it’s level, but from the outside, it sort of looks like this house. I love the unusual, but I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, personally!

      1. Ann Coleman

        It makes much for sense to me as a sculpture! That’s why I thought it so odd when I saw it in an actual house. If it ever goes for sale, I’m going to try to see the inside, because who knows what else they did?

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