Rosita Update

Last fall, I asked for help for Rosita, a girl in the school where I volunteered in El Salvador who was in danger of going blind due to degenerative myopia. We actually exceeded our fundraising goal. But that was okay because Rosita has a sister who also has degenerative myopia. The additional funds that people pledged were used to help buy her sister the glasses needed as a first step in treating this condition. Meanwhile, Rosita continues to do well. She is still wearing her glasses. Other treatments, including surgery, are in her future, but her condition is stable now. Thank you again for everyone who lent support.

32 thoughts on “Rosita Update

  1. Christy B

    This is wonderful! About time we celebrate the way humans can still come together for a good cause 🙂 So happy xx ((You deserve an Oreo – original flavor!))

      1. Miriam Hurdle

        I always have a heart to volunteer works like that. When I was working, I couldn’t go. Now that I’m retired, I still can go because I still have carry the side effect from my melanoma cancer. So the only thing I have been doing is to contribute the financial support!

  2. Steph McCoy

    I missed the post where you were collecting donations for Rosita but I wanted to let you know that this warms my heart and I’m glad to hear that both she and her sister are doing well.


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