Tour de Donuts

Yesterday, my wife and I participated in the Tour de Donuts in the Boston area. The event was held in memory of Rick Archer, who lost his life in a cycling accident involving an automobile this spring. The idea was to teach people about safe cycling, raising money to help advocate for cycling safety, having fun, and…eating donuts.

The group of sixty riders met at Bloc Café in Somerville. We started by eating some Union Square Doughnut donut holes while listening to a cycling safety lecture. There was another talk at a local cycle shop a few blocks away. Much of the talk was on how to use bike lanes and interact with cars/drivers in urban traffic.

Then, we headed out around the MIT campus in Cambridge and over the bridge to Boston. We visited the Back Bay, SOWA and Downtown Crossing areas of Boston. There were more stops to eat donuts at both Blackbird Donuts’ stand at the SOWA market and mini-donuts at Red Apple Farm. All of the city riding gave us the opportunity to practice what we’d learned. Our group had some very experienced riders who helped us with managing in traffic.

It was a blast riding through places we typically only stroll. The ride ended at a local brewery where we shared a drink and a few laughs. My wife and I really hope they do this again next year. We also learned about other venues for finding about cycling outings in the city.

Here is video of our ride through Downtown Crossing:

35 thoughts on “Tour de Donuts

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you. It was a good idea. In answer to your question, first, I’m no expert and laws vary, as do traffic conditions. We did ride single file most of the time especially in areas where there was a narrow bike lane. In other areas, the bike lane is also shared by buses, so it’s really wide. There, we could ride abreast. Bikes are allowed to occupy a whole lane of traffic when needed. So in the lead image, we are in a left turn lane and occupying the whole lane. That was safer than trying to wedge the bikes between traffic and parked cars. That is not a good idea. There is no place to move if there are potholes or a car door opens. Also, these images were made at stops. At stops, we did bunch up a bit in the bike lane. Also, the video was made in a place where motorized vehicles are not allowed; we each navigated through the pedestrians on our own because a single line would have caused more problems. I hope that helps.

  1. Osyth

    Such a brilliant idea. There are so many fatal and near fatal accidents with cyclists and although it is absolutely fair to say that motorists must pay attention, educating cyclists is essential too. It is a wonderful way of honouring a tragic death and the donuts would ice the bun of any day for me!

  2. Albatz Travel Adventures

    Sounds like a lot of fun, and a great way to educate both bicyclists and drivers. We have tours with vintage and dressed-up bikes but everyone else just races around the city like it’s the Tour de France.

  3. Gabe Burkhardt

    Based on the feature image alone, it looks like 50% of the participants were thrilled with the event. I would have thought it would be higher. Considering the doughnuts an’ all…

      1. Gabe Burkhardt

        I can imagine. And I have to say I’m a bit jealous. I’ve run quite a few marathons over the years, and the best treats we get are banana halves and Goo packets.
        I think I need to change sports.

  4. sloppy buddhist

    I see so many “ghost bike” memorials as I travel in urban spaces…and here in etown we also have bike lanes which are contested between neighbourhoods and bike lane placements…cycling here is not like Amsterdam that I do know 🤓 sad about your friend Rick….hard story for his loved ones 😔

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      I did not know Rick but most of the group we rode with did know him. And most had tails of accidents and near misses on their bikes. People are trying to make Boston more bike-friendly. Thanks Hedy. I hope your week is going well. Cheers

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        I agree; don’t challenge cars and trucks. We have too much to lose. Thanks Now, I have a great mental image of a woman hitting a car with her yoga mat. 😃 Cheers!

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