Boston Inner Harbor Sunrise

I chose this image of Boston’s inner harbor for today’s post because the harbor will be anything but quiet today. A parade of tall ships is arriving for a five-day stay in Boston. The list of ships is long and they are expecting two million people to view the parade. As thrilling as that would be, we had already opted for a charity bicycle tour in another part of the city. With any luck, we may get down to Boston sometime this week to see some of the vessels.

31 thoughts on “Boston Inner Harbor Sunrise

  1. reocochran

    Gorgeous sunset and lovely idea to post it ahead! I have seen the tall sailing ships in Cleveland and Sandusky harbours. They are so impressive, Chris! I have seen two of the Pinta, Nina and Santa Maria. Not sure which I have missed? Take it easy! šŸ˜Š

      1. reocochran

        They probably are replicas since I didn’t add that thought, I apologise. We have one in the Columbus (Scioto River) area and they have tours as well as scheduling scouting groups sleeping on the one there. I’ll check which replica is downtown. Be back in a second! šŸ™‚

      2. reocochran

        Chris, there are photos of the Santa Maria in downtown Columbus. . . But there was a posting of it closing in March, 2016. They may bring it back but I seriously boarded upon this ship. My oldest daughter and her Girl Scout troop slept on this and she said it was fun. It was a nice wooden ship with a fully usable mini- portapot inside, no pollution damage to the river. šŸ™‚

      3. milfordstreet Post author

        That is pretty cool to sleep on it. Even to visit it. We have a couple historic ships in the Boston area, the Constitution and a Mayflower replica. Both are undergoing repairs. Cheers

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