Thursday Doors: The Brattle Book Shop

The Brattle Book Shop on West Street in Boston is an antiquarian book shop. They have a wide variety and don’t specialize. You could get 10,000 books at $1 each – or – one book for $10,000. They have an alley next door that they use to put out books for sale. After hours, the books are kept in cabinets and the cabinets are painted to look like books and bookshelves. The second image in the gallery, that break in the books is an old chimney.

For the curious, here is a video about the shop:

39 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: The Brattle Book Shop

  1. Peter S

    My wife used to live within walking distance of this book store. We would go there to get old books for $1 each, and limit ourselves to what we could carry.

      1. Peter S

        It’s worth a trip, it occupies four floors, not just the street level. They put out the old $1 books on carts outside during the Summer.

  2. Christy B

    The pencil across its front is architectural genius! I love bookstores πŸ™‚ Great photo. Knowing me, I’d opt for the 10,000 books for $1 each πŸ˜‰ My mom would try to bargain them down in price!

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Ha ha ha. I like your Mom. I spotted another giant pencil at a shop near MIT last week. They are more common than I thought. I’m glad you enjoyed this. Cheers

  3. Jan Hicks

    Wow, I like the look of this place. I love any kind of bookshop, but antiquarian ones are the most fun. I like the feeling of adventure, not knowing what you might find, but sometimes I can feel overwhelmed. I’ve had to ban myself from bookshops for a while. I currently have 113 books I bought but haven’t read yet!

  4. mdhoffmannphoto

    Great shots. I love bookshops – although I haven’t been in any recently b/c got no more room on my bookshelves. But if I had a private library, I would buy $5000 for $2 each thankyou.


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