West Side

Last week, I had to drop something off at a friend’s office on the 17th floor of one of Manchester, NH’s tallest buildings. As I waited for the elevator, I walked over and made this image of Manchester’s mills and the West Side.

24 thoughts on “West Side

      1. Osyth

        I’m not surprised. Oddly it has a real feel of Manchester UK with those red brick industrial buildings and the hills in the distance. I feel the need to look up the history of Manchester NH which is a nice prompt to have 😊

      2. milfordstreet Post author

        Our Manchester took its name from the one in England and both are big industrial cities. The history of Manchester’s mills is interesting. They have a great museum.

      3. Osyth

        Very interesting indeed. Manchester UK was indeed the great industrial city at the heart of the Industrial Revolution. I shall certainly take a trip when I am over next – I know the UK version very well and have always been fascinated by the mills.

      4. milfordstreet Post author

        I find mills fascinating also. These mills were pretty much self-sufficient. They even built their own train locomotives. It will be interesting to hear about and see photos of your journey to Manchester, UK

      5. Osyth

        My daughter graduates Liverpool University in July so I will be heading up for that … Manchester is a hop away so I will try to include it then – I’m taking my mother and she is quite the quiet historian so I think we could have a fun few hours to break the journey from Oxford 🙂

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        Those old spools are cool. I made a lamp from an old loom shuttle. It is pretty unique. The trick was getting a hole through the center to put a pole and cord.

      2. reocochran

        This is awesome art and using old wooden items is very cool, Chris! Randy has used my spools in at least two bright art pieces. I should have put the spools in the tags but probably didn’t! 🙂

  1. Annie

    It’s so neat that so many of these well-built old New England mills have been repurposed into lofts, condos, offices, and shops. The original mills in our town have a wait list for the apartments.

  2. DeniseBalog

    I love seeing your posts and whatever you photograph. Heck, I am still enjoying remembering the party set up on that bridge awhile back, and doors and taverns with brick and such in Boston if memory serves me:) Never know where your lens may lead:) Thanks for sharing the Mills of New Hampshire!


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