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Through the Branches

I know you’re all wondering when I’ll start showing spring images with no snow and some flowers. I’ll be happy to…once a proper spring arrives. We have 8 inches (20 cm) of snow dueto fall tomorrow night. It seems that everytime the trails start to clear and the daffodils prepare to bloom, we get hit with another big storm.

Doors of Old Sturbridge Village – Part 2

The second half of the door images from Old Sturbridge Village in Central Massachusetts. It is a beautiful place to visit in any season.

The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts

On the top floor of Boston’s Faneuil Hall is the museum and headquarters of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts. The Company is the oldest chartered military organization in the western hemisphere. Its charter was granted in March 1638 as part of a British colony whose mission was to prepare its members to serve as officers in the enrolled militia companies. It later served the new nation of the United States and has fulfilled its mission continually since. IN the twentieth century, the mission changed with the creation of the National Guard and the federalization of officer training. The Company mission has changed to a supportive role in preserving the historic and patriotic traditions of the city of Boston, the Commonwealth and the Nation.

These are a few images of the museum. It has military memorabilia from the Company’s nearly 400-year history. Much of it is in glass cases and therefore is difficult to photograph. This will give you a sense of the space.

Now, one of the items in these images is not like the other. The brightly striped uniform is that of the Swiss Guard who protect the Pontiff. Sunday marks the end of a photo exhibition about the Swiss Guard.


Old Sturbridge Village in Winter

Here are a few scenes from Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. It is a living history museum in the Central part of the state.

Doors of Old Sturbridge Village – Part 1

Last weekend we went out to Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum set in the 1830s. I made a series of images of doors there and thought I would show them today because there is a tradition of showing doors on Thursdays.

For more on Thursday Doors, please visit Norm Frampton's site:

Portland Wall Art

This mural graces a walkway/alleyway in Portland, Maine. Portland is, as you would expect, a seaport city and the mural likely was intended to capture a bit of its history. In one corner of the mural is reads “”


Winter is still here so why not make the most of it. With almost a foot and a half of new snow, I strapped on some snowshoes and hit the Rocky Ridge Trail. It’s the most challenging of the local trails, especially when wearing snowshoes. BTW, the rock to the left is part of one huge boulder, likely dropped here by the last glacier to visit this area.