36 thoughts on “Fishing Boat Sunrise

      1. milfordstreet Post author

        Funny you mention icicles. There was a fishing boat in that must have just arrived and icicles were hanging all over the rigging. I just could not get close enough for a good photo.

    1. milfordstreet Post author

      Thank you…Yes, it is still active. There is a conference center in the building at the end of the pier but most of the other places are fishsellers and of course, the No-Name restaurant.

      1. Levi

        Thank you for that. I am excited to check it out now. I don’t live too far from there and by Google Mapping it, I also noticed a ferry to the Cape leaves from there. The more I explore Boston, the more excited I get. Now, if only winter will end!

  1. reocochran

    OK, Chris! I have an idea: scuba diving suit and some kind of warm heated air flow through the suit. . .
    I loved the sun rising over this boat rigging and it was a stunning photograph!


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